Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gluten-free Easter Candy

For those of you who celebrate Easter (or for those of us who just really like Easter candy), here's a great list of gluten-free Easter Candy.  I found this on 

Please note that I cannot independently verify that this list is completely accurate and encourage you to use your best judgment when purchasing and consuming anything on this list, but I thought it was at least worth sharing with you so you can see that there is still candy that is safe for us.  The list is coded as follows:

CL = Cleaned Production Line (no gluten ingredients, and made on machinery that DOES process other gluten-containing products.  However, the manufacturer states that they use good manufacturing processes to clean the equipment between products)

DL = Dedicated Production Line (no gluten ingredients, and made on machinery that only processes gluten-free products)

DF = Dedicated Facility (no gluten ingredients, and no gluten-containing products made in the same building)

Everyone's body is different and sensitive in different ways, and what one person is able to tolerate or is comfortable with may not be right for another.  If you're unsure how strict to be, please discuss this with your doctor.

But whatever you do, go enjoy some candy!!

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