Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheesy Meatball Wrap

Here's a super simple meal idea for dinner, and a way to use some leftovers.  Make a batch of Savory Dinner Crepes and melt some Daiya Vegan Cheese onto it while it's heating in the pan.  Heat up pretty much any random leftovers that sound good to you (I had some delicious Sweet and Tangy Cherry Apple Meatballs from the previous day) and use them to fill each crepe once the cheese is melted. You could load the crepes with roasted vegetables, or with any meat of your choice; with cheese and fruit; with taco meat; with beans; with whatever your heart desires/whatever your fridge contains! 

Once they're filled, fold over; eat.  So fast, so simple, and totally delicious.  So simple I won't even put it into recipe form.  This is a purely prose recipe.  And these wraps are so convincing that they won't even crumble if you refrigerate them for a few days; they still bend. 

Enjoy the dinner mix and match!


Liz @ lactosefreelizzie said...

YUM! I love using vegan cheese on savory dishes :)

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Mmm, I love wraps but crepe wraps are the best!! All of your suggestions sound super delicious :)

Claire Berman said...

Liz: Me too - it's so wonderful! I barely miss cheese anymore since I discovered Daiya. What's your favorite vegan cheese?

Elina: Where have crepe wraps been all our lives???

mufeu1akwh said...

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