Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gluten Free Ratio Rally: Pasta!

Sadly, this month was a little too busy for me to participate in the gluten-free ratio rally.  I had one feeble attempt at pasta a few weeks ago and then time slipped away from me until it was too close to the deadline to start over.

But despite my own failure to participate, you should definitely head over to Jenn's blog, Jenn Cuisine.  Jenn hosted this month's event, and her recipe for Tagliatelle with Smoked Salmon can be found here

Pasta rocks.  We all know it.  And that's all the more reason to go and check out all of the amazing recipes that people came up with this month for gluten-free pasta.  Pasta we can not only eat, but make in our own kitchens!  I encourage you to check all of them out!  And join us next month for cakes with Kate of Gluten-free Gobsmacked hosting.

Brooke from B & the Boy! made Ravioli w/strawberry filling and chocolate berry sauce
Caneel from Mama Me Gluten Free made Multi-grain fettuccine
Charissa from Zest Bakery made Linguini with smoked salmon and creamy vodka sauce
Erin from The Sensitive Epicure made Ravioli w/ shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, & cheese filling in browned butter
Gretchen from Kumquat made Vegetable lasagna
Jenn from Jenn Cuisine made Tagliatelle with smoked salmon, peas and parmesan
Lisa from Gluten Free Canteen made Lokshen kugel
Karen from Cooking Gluten Free made Homemade gluten free pasta
Mary Fran from Frannycakes made Pasta with pink vodka sauce
Meaghan from The Wicked Good Vegan made Vegan gluten-free homemade pasta, in creamy artichoke tagliatelle
Meg from Gluten-Free Boulangerie made Fettuccine with sun-dried tomatoes
Pete and Kelli from No Gluten, No Problem made Tortellini
Rachel from The Crispy Cook made Smoked paprika noodles with garlic scapes and herbs
Shauna of Gluten Free Girl made Gluten free fresh pasta
Silvana from Silvana’s Kitchen made Lemon-poppy pasta with tomato, corn and basil
Tara from A Baking Life made Fazzoletti with wild mushrooms and spring onions
TR from No One Likes Crumbley Cookies made Tomato basil pork raviolis


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The participants did a good job making a pasta. I would want to try Jenn’s gluten free pasta although I don’t like sea foods.

Unknown said...

Do you have squash pasta ? I saw someone with a package of fry pasta made out of squash and I can’t find the product z

Unknown said...

Dry pasta